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5.2 Operating Systems

This section describes problems that have occured while porting the package to various operating systems.

If your system is not in the list, that doesn’t mean it won’t work. It just means that I didn’t get a report (or a port) for that system yet.

mgetty+sendfax should work on most unixoid operating systems, as long as they provide SysV termio or POSIX termios call for tty management. BSD sgtty support isn’t finished yet.

For best results, your system should have select(S) or poll(S), but if both functions are not available or don’t work on ttys (poll(S) is known to do this on SVR3.1 and earlier), you can use a kludge, -DUSE_READ.

Besides that, you’ll need some fiddling with the header files to get all defines and prototypes right.

Further, you’ll have to check tio.c, function tio_set_flow_control(), whether the way hardware flow control is activated works on your system. Most likely, it won’t — that’s one of the major portability problems. If you change something and get it to work, please send me patches. (You’re welcome to do so anyway).

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