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5.2.7 SVR4.2 - Onsite Unix, UnixWare, ...

Basically, SVR4.2 is quite similar to SVR4, but you have to watch out for some details (defining -DSVR42 in the Makefile will do it for you).

Most important, the termiox interface via the TCGETX / TCSETX ioctl()s does not seem to work any longer - the calls return an error, and the port behaves strangely. If you’re experiencing this, please try commenting out the corresponding code in tio.c, funtion tio_set_flow_control() and mail me whether that make it work.

Further, ussing USE_POLL or USE_READ, won’t work. The default of USE_SELECT is OK.

To enable hardware handshake, use the tty device with the trailing “h”, e.g. tty01h. On the other one (tty01), the driver won’t do H/W handshake.

Depending on the configuration, parallel dial-out with Taylor-UUCP may fail (uucico complaining that it cannot set CLOCAL), in that case, you’ve to recompile Taylor with different settings for the termio selection (POSIX vs. SYSV).

Many thanks to Joerg Weber ( for finding all those problems.

Ed Hall ( found another major glitch on UnixWare 4.2: if you run sendfax without setting ignore-carrier true in sendfax.config, and sendfax switches off carrier detection at the end of the very last page, the kernel code messes up something and bytes get lost. The modem then returns funny error codes, like, for example,

Transmission error: +FHNG:44 (Unrecognized Transparent data command)

If you’re experiencing this, just set ignore-carrier true and everything should work just fine (please tell me in any case whether it was necessary, because if it happens for other people as well, I’ll make this permanent on SVR42).

See Solaris2.

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