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5.2.5 ISC

The ISC port has been done by Russell Brown, Thanks!

First of all, define -DISC in the Makefile. This will take care of some minor problems. Then, link with -linet -lpt.

If you have a ISC Unix 4.0, you may have to define -D_POSIX_SOURCE to get around some include file problems and link -lcposix.

If you have problems with the AWK programs in the fax/ shell scripts, try defining AWK=nawk in the Makefile. That should take care of those problems.

Again, for best results I recommend using the FAS serial driver, and using a port with a minor number of 80+portno (ttyF01 etc.)

If you use a Digiboard smart serial cart (e.g. the digiboard pc/8e), use the /dev/ttyi* devices instead of /dev/cui*, becaus only the former ones honour carrier drops (If you use cui*, your processes won’t die if the modem unexpectedly hangs up)