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5.2.11 Solaris 2.3 and up

mgetty runs successfully and without trouble under Solaris 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5.1 (later versions should also work, but I didn’t get any report so far). For compilation use -Dsolaris2. With Solaris 2.3 it’s recommended to use GNU gcc, but with Solaris 2.4 it compiles fine with the SPARCompiler C 3.0.1. Define CC=cc.

In policy.h you have to define ‘term/a’ or ‘term/b’ as FAX_MODEM_TTYS. Don’t use the outgoing devices ‘/dev/cua/*’!!

As DEVICE_GROUP you should configure ‘uucp’. If you want allow to normal users to dial out, add all users allowed to do that, to the group ‘uucp’. Then it’s important to change the permissions of /var/spool/locks from the default permissions ‘drwxr-xr-x’ to ‘drwxrwsr-x’. Make sure that it’s owned by ‘uucp.uucp’. Otherwise no one wanting to dial out is able to create a lock file. The FILE_MODE in policy.h must be ‘0660’ as well.

If you don’t want allow anyone to dial out you should set FILE_MODE to ‘0640’ or ‘0600’.

For the "notify mail" message to look best, define MAILER in policy.h to /usr/lib/sendmail and define NEED_MAIL_HEADERS. So a proper subject header is created. Nevertheless, /usr/bin/mailx works, as it is the default for SVR4.

If everything compiled well and you did make install, you have to add an entry to /etc/inittab like the following:

ya:234:respawn:/usr/local/sbin/mgetty -s 38400 -x 3 term/a

Don’t use the Solaris admintool to create any port monitoring entries in /etc/saf/_sactab and /etc/saf/zsmon/_pmtab.

Many thanks to Stefan Muehlenweg (muehlenw@samhh.hanse.DE) for this section.

Solaris (as all Sun operating systems) seems to be somewhat weird concerning its handling of the RTS line. I have received two reports that ’sometimes’ a modem hangs during initialization, and won’t talk to mgetty anymore. In these cases, the problem went away when the modem (an USR Sportster) was set to AT&R1, which means ’ignore RTS line’. Thanks to Valerio Di Giampietro for detailing this.

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