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5.2.14 The NEXTSTEP operating system

NEXTSTEP is lacking quite a few commands used by mgetty and its tools: Luckily, they are available from the GNU project (please mail me if I forgot any), e.g. gawk, cut (from textutils), id and logname (from sh-utils). All of them can be compiled for NEXTSTEP without problems, and it’s certainly a good idea to install them anyway. ghostscript needs some fiddling for NEXTSTEP, but it’s available precompiled on the arcives as GSPrintFilter. If you don’t intend to use faxspool and friends, you may succeed without installing the forementioned utilities.

Having said this, there are two different ways to compile mgetty for NEXTSTEP, each with their pros and contras:

For i386 machines, it’s wise to use the /dev/cudfX (hardware flow control,...) devices. I’m using them with NeXT’s most recent serial port driver, Mark Salyzyn’s Mux driver also supports them.

For m68k machines, you have to stick with /dev/cufa.

This are the settings I use in the Makefile:

CFLAGS=-DNEXTSGTTY -DBSD -O2  (-posix -DBSD for termios port)
INSTALL=install -c -o root -g wheel

Furthermore, you should define binary lock files, in policy.h:

#define LOCKS_BINARY 1

Finally, when using NEXTSTEP’s cc, you need to run "make noident" in the first place to remove the #ident directives from the source files.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding mgetty with NEXTSTEP, feel free to contact Gregor Hoffleit ‘’ or Ben Stuyts ‘’.

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