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5.2.6 SVR4 Unix

mgetty has been ported to SVR4 now (many thanks to Bodo Bauer, <>, Martin Husemann, <> and Marc Boucher <>).

As far as I know, it’s sufficient to add ‘-DSVR4’ to the CFLAGS in Makefile. If you have any problems or suggestions, please report them also to the people above, since I do not have a SVR4-System to run tests on.

If you use the SAS serial driver (streams-version of FAS) and want to force sas to use hardware-handshake all the time, use a device with a minor device number of 80+port number (see the sas manual for explantations). If you use a port with a minor device number of 7*16+i, mgetty is able to switch hardware handshake on and off according to the flags set in policy.h, using sys/termiox.h. (Well, it works - but apparently fax reception doesn’t work with this minor device number. Symptom: only one byte is received during fax reception (0x00). Anybody any clue?).

If you use FAS, use the devices with a minor device number of 80+port number (as usual).