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5.2.10 SunOS 4.1.1 and up

mgetty has been ported to SunOS, and seems to work quite well. If you use SunOS, please send me a brief report about your results.

Thanks to Earl Hartwig,, for the initial port.

For compilation, please define -Dsunos4.

In policy.h, you’ve to adapt the location of the LOCK files.

In the Makefile, set ECHO='...' to /usr/5bin/echo, because the standard one doesn’t support escape codes like ‘\n’ or ‘\c’. Alternatively, if you don’t have the System5 options installed, use mg.echo.

If a fax reception hangs shortly after the ‘+FCON’ is seen, please try setting FAXREC_FLOW to Xon/Xoff (FLOW_SOFT). Hardware handshake has problems on SunOS versions without the “Jumbo TTY” patch.

If fax sending hangs mysteriously between the first and the second page, you’re likely to have a modem that drops DCD during pages. As SunOS’ serial drivers are dumb, reception of data will fail if DCD is low and handshake is set to RTS/CTS. So, set ignore-carrier yes in sendfax.config and #define FAXSEND_FLOW FLOW_SOFT in policy.h and fax sending should work.

Please use the “outgoing” devices (/dev/cua*) for mgetty and dial-outs, using the “incoming” devices (/dev/tty*) will make dialout impossible. Further, carrier detect (DCD) is only honoured on the cua* lines.

It is very strongly recommended that you install the “jumbo tty patch” (patch number 100513-05 for 4.1.2 or .3, patch number 101621-01 for 4.1.3_u1 and up) because it will fix a lot misbehaviour of the serial line drivers.

Please read also the generic BSD section.