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1.3 Supported systems and modems

Mgetty has been successfully installed and run on the following systems (though older systems might need work to get current mgetty versions to compile):

    SCO Unix 3.2.1 (ODT 1.0)                   (well tested)
    SCO Unix 3.2.4 (ODT 2.0 + 3.0)             (very well tested)
    SCO Open Server 5.0                        (well tested)
    Linux (everything from 0.99pl1 up)         (very well tested)
    ISC Unix 3.0                                (tested)
    SVR4 Unix                                   (well tested)
    SVR4.2 Unix                                 (needs more testing)
    AT&T 3B1 3.51m                              (tested)
    HP-UX 8.x and 9.x                           (well tested)
    AIX 3.2.5, 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3                  (very well tested)
    SunOS 4                                     (well tested)
    Solaris 2.x                                 (well tested)  
    NetBSD / FreeBSD (all versions)            (very well tested)
    Apple Darwin (Kernel 5.1)                  (tested)

It should be possible to run mgetty on any other Unix with termio.h or termios.h. For best results, use of the library functions select(S) or poll(S) is recommended, but there’s a workaround if your system hasn’t either. (Warning: for Unix SVR3.1 or earlier, do not use poll(), it will not work on tty devices.)

Up to now, it has been successfully used with the following modems (no exhaustive list) in fax mode:

    ZyXEL U1496 (various ROM releases)
        (very well tested, a couple of problems remain, depending on the
         ROM release)

    ZyXEL 2864/2864I (various ROM releases)
        (very well tested, some firmware versions have problems)

    USR Courier/Sportster series
        (well tested, Couriers work great, Sportsters are ok for data)

    MultiTech (various models)
        (tested, works very well, very good fax implementation)

    SupraFAX v32bis
        (tested, works well, no fax polling available)

    GVC FM144/+
        (tested, works well, no fax polling available)

    TKR DM-24VF+ (Deltafax)
        (tested, works quite well)

    Zoom V.FAST 24K/28K
        (tested, works, some problems with fax/data distinction)

    ELSA MicroLink (various)
    	(tested, usually works well, some firmware versions have issues)

It should work with all class 2 faxmodems. Maybe the DC2 character sent at the beginning of a page by faxrec.c must be changed to XON, for very old class 2 modems (implementing very old drafts of the standard). See Modems.

In Data mode, it will work with every Hayes-compatible modem.

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