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1.2 Features of mgetty and sendfax

This package contains two major programs, mgetty and sendfax.

This is what you can do with sendfax if you have a standard class 2 fax modem:

mgetty allows you to use your modem line for receiving fax and data calls, without hindering dial-out on the same line.

If you have any bug reports, suggestions, please report them to (or, if [and only if!] that doesn’t work, to

Also, I have created a mgetty mailing list, for discussion of problems and suggestions. You can subscribe by sending a request to (forwarded to for precessing) and you can send articles to the list by sending them to The list manager will write you back for verification of your address, so make sure it is correct.

The mailing list is currently gated bidirectionally into the newsgroup de.alt.comm.mgetty. In spite of being in the German language hierarchy, the language in the group is English. Posts in German should be ignored.

The mailing list is archived on a WWW site, look at (many thanks to Robert J. Brown, It’s also archived by Marc Schaefer, on (NEW!). The latter search engine indexes somewhat more than only the mgetty list, so you might want to add ’mgetty’ to your query to restrict it.

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