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4 Voice Operations

This chapter explains how you can use mgetty to implement an answering machine if you have a modem that understands the voice command set (i.e. the ZyXEL).

The first version of these extentions was written by Klaus Weidner.

Since February 1995 these extentions are now developed and maintained by Marc Eberhard (Marc.Eberhard@Poseidon.ThPhy.Uni-Duesseldorf.DE). Since late 1998, Marc Schaefer ( took over vgetty development. Please see for vgetty specific information, patches and releases, and please send email about the voice features to him, not to me.

I have removed the whole chapter from the documentation for now, as the voice stuff has changed too much, but the docs were not updated accordingly. Please see the programs and examples in the voice subdirectory for ideas how to get it going. Configuration is explained in voice.conf.

The voice subtree is NOT included in the official release 1.0, because of the lack of documentation, and because Marc thinks it’s not stable enough yet. It is included in the 0.99 and 1.1 beta development trees, so if you want to play with it, get one of those version. BUT keep in mind what “beta” means: lacking documentation, problems, crashes, whatever.