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5.3.1 pbmtog3

The pbmtog3 program from the pbmplus distribution produces G3 data that does not adhere to the T.4 standard. The initial EOL code is missing, and the lines are not always 1728 pixels wide. So, some fax machines won’t accept the output at all (not printing even one line), and others will complain.

A fix for this problem is available: I have included a patch for pbmtog3, called patches/pbmtog3.p1, that will fix the problems. (Oh, by the way, if you try to send a fax generated with an unpatched pbmtog3, sendfax will complain that it doesn’t like the file … I’ve added a small sanity check to spare me the time browsing through the logfiles guessing why sendfax failed (won’t work if the file has been processed by g3cat, though!)). If you use the pbm2g3 program that is shipped with mgetty, there is no need to patch anything.

Basically, there is no need at all to use pbmpluspbmtog3 program any more, since mgetty includes an own copy. I just wanted to warn you.

Anyway, my program is lots faster ….