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3.4 Fax polling using sendfax

Sendfax can also be used for fax polling (that is, you call someone and initiate a fax connection, and then receive a document. Don’t confuse it with fax-on-demand, this is something different), the syntax is:

sendfax -p <fax-number>

or for sending a fax and then switch to polling:

sendfax -p <fax-number> <send-documents>

(in this case <send-documents> are sent, and then the documents from the other modem are polled, if there are any)

the received pages are written to the current directory, so make sure you have write access...

Warning: Fax polling does not work with ZyXEL Modems with ROM releases before 6.00 - with the 6.01 and 6.10 Eproms it works, but 6.11a is broken again. 6.12 and 6.13 work fine.

It definitely doesn’t work with some Rockwell-based Faxmodems (Supra), since many versions of this chipset does not support polling. Some work, though, so you simply have to try it.

Could anybody try this with an Everex Faxmodem?