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5.1.12 Exar 9624 fax modem

This modem needs two stop bits (when sending), so you have to add CSTOPB to tio.c_cflag = … in tio.c / tio_mode_sane().

Also, use #define FAX_SEND_BAUD B19200 and, for fax reception, #define DEFAULT_PORTSPEED B19200.

Further, the modem is a little bit timing critical - please insert delay(500) calls at the end of fax_open_device() (sendfax.c, line 122) and before sending the page punctuation (fax_command("+FET=...") in sendfax.c, main(), around line 540).

Also, for at least one Exar 9624 (built into a Compaq notebook), it’s been necessary to add two delays (\\d\\d) before the AT+FCLASS=0 initialization string in mgetty.c.